2021 Spring


Plays written to provoke thought and dialogue.

Agnes of god

By: John Pielmeier
March 5, 6, 7 @ 7:30

Summoned to a convent, Dr. Martha Livingstone, a court-appointed psychiatrist, is charged with assessing the sanity of a novice Nun accused of murdering her newborn child. Miriam Ruth, the Mother Superior, determinedly keeps young Agnes from the doctor, further arousing Livingstone’s suspicions. Who killed the infant, and who fathered the tiny victim? Livingstone’s questions force all three women to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love, leading to a dramatic, compelling climax. 

Anomie: A devised piece

April 30, May 1, 2  @ 7:30 PM

An unnamed subject wakes up in an observation room where every element is controlled by a godlike operator. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Act Without Words, Anomie takes place in the digital age, grappling with the same concepts the absurdists of Beckett’s time did: does anything in life have meaning? Or are we fated to forever search for purpose in an irrational universe?